Mold Remediation Certification 

Below you’ll find the list of mold training courses that we offer.

Dates for these courses can be found on the training calendar schedule. You must register for courses through from the training calendar. 


2 day course ($427.00)

This mold remediation certification course covers proper mold remediation techniques. Since it is based on current guidelines, the class covers the most up to date set-up and removal techniques. The two day course is designed for workers and supervisors with previous environmental abatement experience.

Topics include: Identification of mold, environmental assessment, hazard communication, health effects, respiratory protection and remediation techniques.

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GD930 HEPA Vacuum- $459.00

A multi-stage filtration system features a paper bag, foam filter and an upstream HEPA filter, helping ensure indoor air quality. The HEPA filter ensures that 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns are captured and not released back into the environment. Carpet "beater brush" sold separately.