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Someone putting their hands on another person who is pushing them away


Illinois employers are required to annually provide sexual harassment training to all it's employees. OTS has partnered with Valuable Resources Co. to offer this training in an effective, unique way delivered through live theater performance with skilled actors.


Topics: The training covers the necessary topics to comply with Illinois law, in addition to a managerial session to provide tools when dealing with sexual harassments situations. 


Up to 90 minutes


Varies based on platform

Platform Options: 

#1- Live theatre workshop: (currently unavailable due to COVID-19)

#2- Live virtual workshop: View the live performance via Zoom and participate in the theater workshop virtually. 

#3- Video of workshop and live facilitator: View a pre-recorded video of the theater workshop via Zoom with moderator

#4- Self-paced online learning through student portal: Employees have access to online portal to complete required training online (60 minutes).  

Who Should Attend:

All employees, managers, supervisors, executives. 


Learn more about Taboo Topix and delivering this required training through theater by watching the video below:

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Failure to provide the training is a violation of the Illinois Human Rights Act (IHRA). Employers who do not provide compliant training will be subject to civil penalties, including a $500 penalty to businesses with less than 4 employees, or a $1,000 penalty to those with 4 or more employees. Penalties for subsequent violations can rise to $5,000 per violation.

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